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Granite Cladding for Private Property Garage

This job comprised of granite stone mechanical fixing that used a pully to lift and install the stone. Each slab weighs a tonne and was positioned onto a bracket with poxy to hold the slabs.

Cladding for Lobby in Perth City

This company requested a marble lobby with mechanical fixing using megapoxy and pins. All of the slabs were pre-cut so the job required skillful precision for installation.

Onyx stone Cladding for Lobby in Perth City

In this project we were working with very expensive, heavy stone with glass backing that was vital to not chip or crack during installation, as the pieces were book-matched. Cladding of the onxy stone required a pulley for lifting and LED lights set behind to maximise the beauty and veins of the stone.

Travertine Polishing floors for Private Property on the Swan River

This assignment required grinding of the stone through a process from coarse to fine and polishing to create a perfectly smooth finish, enabling easy future maintenance over a long period of time.